We will give that post a yellow flair to help voters make an informed decision.6) This is not a politically correct sub. If you get offended by “casual racism” or mean flairs/comments, CringeAnarchy is not for you.7) Do not take posts from here and post them to /r/PoliticalHumorPlease report any cucks, white knights or social justice faggots you see, and we will flair them accordingly.There two types of responses that I commonly see happening. I going to put them into two categories and give a short description then provide examples of what I talking about.Constructive response: (this is what I think people SHOULD be doing)Building a positive image for your group, helping the community, working in collaboration to build up the self worth of individuals in your group and those in other groupsExamples Creating a dialogue (which I defining as open and honest conversation) between groups, treating people equally, sharing your culture with other people and letting them share their culture with you.

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