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cheap canada goose uk Tamimi, whose December arrest drew international attention, tearfully embraced relatives as a crowd of cheap Air max shoes supporters jostled for selfies with the teen.The mother and daughter were cheap jordans in china indicted by an Israeli military court after a video of the curly haired teen kicking and slapping two armed Israeli soldiers in protective gear went viral on Facebook. Her mother was arrested shortly after she posted the footage on social media.Tamimi, 17, soon became a potent symbol of the Palestinian protest movement, her image gracing murals and posters around cheap adidas the globe.[Israelis call her ‘Shirley Temper.’ Palestinians call her a hero.]In Nabi Saleh, her village in the West Bank, activists and residents cheap jordans free shipping have staged weekly demonstrations since 2009, when Jewish settlers confiscated some of Nabi Saleh’s land, including a spring that served as its water source.Ahed Tamimi exits an armored military vehicle after her release from an Israeli prison on Sunday. (Nasser Shiyoukhi/AP)Israeli troops and border police have confronted the demonstrators, firing tear gas, arresting stone throwers and imposing curfews cheap canada goose uk.