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Canada Goose Jackets Scaling back of regional radio and television programming; decrease in current affairs, drama, music, and special event programming; reductions in news; repeat presentations throughout the schedule to make up for reduced content production; reduction of marketing budgets; streamlining of production methods; 10 20 per cent cut in executive compensation; cutting of discretionary spending (travel, hospitality, etc.); slowing of recruitment. Lacroix explained that while the scope of services is being compromised today, the plan was developed to allow the Corporation to keep the core elements of its strategic plan and preserve its ability to serve Canadians: choices we made are anchored in a clear vision of what canada goose outlet los angeles we want and need to become as a 21st century public broadcaster. My job is to keep the CBC/Radio Canada whole, and to try not to renege on or back away from any whole elements of our mandate Canada Goose Jackets.