I like noskins because they are simple and unassuming. I have not noticed any sort of advantage that other people talk about where people push you harder, but I probably haven been paying attention, I just play the game as it comes.I really don get people who get mad at people playing noskins, we not “pretending” anything, is it really so hard to fathom that the skins really don improve the game at all for some people? Besides I just got the battlepass at the beginning of the season, and will never buy a skin because that silly, so my collection is pretty lackluster. If you include the variation in noskin types, they comprise over half my skins :)I also don follow streamers at all, so I don know what that comment was aimed at but it silly to imply that everyone noskinning is somehow lacking individuality, pretty big jump, and it implies that there is some creativity in your skin choices.

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