It’s more that she’s rebelled against the high order that is Ru and the show, as she’s also called out Ru on his problematic views on transgender people and it’s pretty obvious that she would have too much of a frosty relationship with the production team to be on All Stars. Not so much spilling T on the behind the scenes of the show as just being a vocal critic of the show as a whole, which tbh I admire her for but it also comes with the cost of most likely not being casted again and she doesn’t seem to want to do it herself anywaysDrag Race star Pearl has finally explained how her feud began with RuPaul.I don’t like when blogs/media outlets create a narrative out of a situation. Thats how drama blows up and thats not something Pearl needs to deal with.I wouldn’t call it a feud because there isn’t a back and forth going on, but I would just call the situation sad and disgusting.

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