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canada goose store So, I stuck comparing performance of FOG from a desktop class machine vs KACE on a server class machine (which I disclosed in my initial post).I also stuck with other comparisons as well my FOG process is through PXE on an isolated network, my KACE process is using their bootable USB, which eliminates the network boot process altogether.I actually love to use FOG with a USB Boot Stick and found canada goose kensington parka uk mention of it on your site, but right as I found that, I also started exploring KACE.So again, admittedly, my comparisons are in no way fair to FOG, as I in a situation where I can make a fair comparison. But still were I in a small/medium business, I would have no problem recommending FOG, I just happen to like the KACE process more (scripted installation vs imaging)So let me summarize this:They are usually illegal cracked versions of MS software, which is also causing some practical problems.They totally cool with using something like Linux, you just don have canada goose outlet real the expertise.This is for a hospital in Africa. Is it safe to say that aiding in this effort offers some humanitarian value?If all 3 are true, I suspect there exist many people (sadly I not one of them, I just a lurking dev) that would love to give you and the hospital specific expert help using FOSS with canada goose outlet online store review this canada goose store.