His trip to hell was paid for by the graves in Arlington, the MIA flags across the country, and the tears of the bereaved.Oh look, we triggered a brigade from the same pussies that called McCain a Nazi and wished his death just for running against Obama, that don know a damn thing about him. 2 points submitted 11 hours agoDoes anyone else think this is still being set up, Apprentice style, for Sessions to come out with a big announcement of indictments in October before the elections? Trump language goes up to the line but doesn cross it with the taunting or by calling him incompetent, just as opposed to what he does to others for whom he has no respect and wants to discredit (low energy Jeb, Lyin Ted, etc.)I still think this is the buildup to something Sessions has going on behind the scenes with Huber but this, like DOJ stuff, should be carried on in the background. Notice that Hillary is suspiciously silent, and where is Obama? Why aren those two ragging on the President for being weak by keeping Sessions in office? There more going on this isn Judge Judy, this is much bigger stuff.

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