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Canada Goose Outlet I also walk 90 minutes a day (3×30 minute walks).A few NSVs from this 50 lbs (for previous NSVs see my other post).I went down another shirt size!I went down at least 2 pant sizesI was able to find a pair of jeans that fit at Old Navy! It was so nice to be able to buy clothes at a “normal” store instead of a Big and Tall store.On a recent plane ride I was able to buckle the seatbelt without needing a seatbelt extender.I now able to rent a bike from one of those bikeshare companies and go on bike rides (albeit they are shorter bike rides, but still)I been able to sit in booths at several restaurants not every restaurant, but more than zero which is awesome.My co workers have finally noticed and commented that I look a lot smaller. Only took 130 lbs!On this last trip, I still asked the stewardess for an extender when I boarded, but when I got in my seat I just decided to try to see if I could get the seat belt buckled on its own and low and behold it worked! It was still a little tight, but I just decided to see Canada Goose Parka if I could still do the whole plane ride without it and I was fine. Of course, it may have just been that airline (Norwegian) had bigger belts Canada Goose Outlet.