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Canada Goose sale The women’s race was canada goose uk black friday Wednesday.Zubkov says Sergeeva says she took no such medication and the team says she was not issued any medication. Zubkov did not say which substance was found, saying Russian officials were working to clarify the situation.But he said it was not meldonium, the substance for which Russian curler Alexander Krushelnitsky was stripped of a bronze medal Thursday.A Slovenian hockey player and a Japanese speedskater also both left the games after failing tests.The Russians cheap canada goose uk are competing under the Olympic flag and in neutral uniforms because of doping in Sochi in 2014.Switzerland’s team of Peter de Cruz, Benoit Schwarz, Claudio Paetz and Valentin Tanner beat Canada 7 5 on Friday.Schwarz took out two Canadian stones with his last throw of the 10th and final end. With one throw left, Canada could not score the two points it needed to force an extra end.Canada won Canada Goose Parka the last three gold medals in Olympic men’s curling and had never even failed to reach the gold medal match since the sport was restored to the Olympics in 1998 Canada Goose sale.