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Canada Goose Parka MOSCOW, Feb 6 (Reuters) Euroclear Bank will begin settling trades in Russian treasury bonds on Thursday, implementing a long awaited overhaul to Moscow market that it says could draw $20 billion in foreign capital to Russia.Belgium uk canada goose outlet based Euroclear and Russia National Settlement Depository said in a statement on Wednesday that settlement would begin with over the counter trades. On exchange deals would follow in March and, later, corporate and municipal bonds.Russia $100 billion market for so called Canada Goose Outlet OFZ buy canada goose jacket cheap treasury bonds market has rallied hard over the past year on expectations that Euroclear, the largest provider of cross border settlement services, would soon go live.Final approval has, however, been subject to repeated delays. The news comes as the Moscow Exchange, which controls the National Settlement Depository, markets its own $500 million initial public offering of shares.Frederic Hannequart, chairman of Euroclear Bank, called the launch of OFZ settlement a (that) marks a new era in the ability of Russia to fund its growth and development through the international capital markets.experts are predicting new foreign capital flows to Russia in Canada Goose online the region of $20 billion, Hannequart said in the statement.The Russian Finance Ministry will hold two OFZ auctions on Wednesday, for 20 billion roubles worth of cheap Canada Goose new five year paper and 10 billion roubles in 15 year bonds.news will likely support today auctions. Canada Goose Parka

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